Choices of LIFE

Where do I start? My journey started the 20th of May 2014, and has taken me from one place to another. It started out as a dream, and became a reality. From Malmo Santa Barbara Gävle and in August I'm moving to Valencia as an exchange student. I'm thankful for everything that's happening in my life and truly blessed. I have met the greatest people along the way, and had some of the greatest times in my life. Life has so much to offer if you're willing to sacrifice YOUR time. There's no limitations to what you can do if you're willing to work hard and dedicate yourself to your goals. Don't be that person that's waiting around the corner for success because it's not coming. You're the only one standing in the way of making the choice of your life. Don't be afraid to take risks in life because the chances you take in life will be the leading factors to your success. Your WHY has to be greater than the obstacles in life. Your why has to be greater than the knockout, just like buster Douglas did, he fought back. If it was easy to succeed everyone would do it. Life's got some of you up against the wall but you can't give up, can't give in because of that. You have to fight back and believe in yourself the way your mother believes in you. You're stronger and greater than what you think you are. Believe in yourself and form your WHY to be greater than set backs and chase you're dreams, and don't stop until your satisfied. You have to trust in something whether it's your gut, faith, life, destiny whatever. It will give you confidence to believing in yourself. Your time limited, so don't waste it trying to live someone else's life. Focus on yourself and support those you love who are trying to succeed. Have the spirit up at all time and work harder than your opponent. The real challenge of growth, emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually comes when you get knockdown, when you get defeated and takes courage to start over again. Dont let fear kill your dreams, don't let fear hold you back, don't let fear win over you because you can do whatever you want if you believe in it.
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